howdy, i'm rae!

welcome to my site!

welcome, one and all, to my little corner of the internet. my name's rae, and i like to make stuff! be they drawings, code projects, or whatever else i come up with. feel free to have a look around!

also, i'm open for commissions!

ooh lemme see!

3D modeling

z-axis best axis

they made a mistake giving me the power of an extra dimension to work with -- not in an "i wield unlimited power" sense, but more so in a "how the hell do i even do this" sense. anyway: using blender, i make 3D stuff! it's insane what just one more axis can do to your ego.

enter the 3D realm


rae draw not moth challenge

i mean come on, it'd be stupid for me not to be drawing. but regardless, yea i draw! and if i've ever got anything good, hopefully it'll be shown off in here.
...sooooo don't be surprised if this page is pretty empty most of the time

to the gallery we go!


graphic design is my passion

you can't have a cool thing without a cool logo to back it up...that's just the law. fortunately, that's where i come in the picture! i make sweet logo designs for a variety of things, such as nitro type seasons, and...umm...uhh...uhh...

logos, you say?


coming soon™ i promise

all of us know that there's basically nothing on this earth that rivals playing video games, but what could be better than making them yourself?
...turns out, basically anything.

let's play some games!

code toys

practicality not guaranteed

what happens when i have an open weekend, too much knowledge and an idea i haven't quite thought through? a new code toy, of course! code toys can be basically anything and everything, it's a real grab bag of stuff to do.

check it out!